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We all have stories in our minds; a lot of them unconscious, that give us a perception of reality that we think is the truth. In fact they are just stories and beliefs that get in our way of living a fulfilling, passionate, loving life. Left unconscious, they create havoc and misery in our lives.

Coaching with Selena helps to bring these stories to consciousness, creating more choice and freedom allowing us to change unwanted behaviours that just aren’t working for us anymore. Your past does affect your present, absolutely!

I love coaching Relationships, of all kinds! I see relationships as the most accelerated personal growth program on the planet! It’s learning how to use the relationship to evolve into the loving, unconditional being we all are underneath all the stuff. Let me show you how!

I use a no-nonsense and highly supportive coaching approach to facilitating honest communication and learning. In an environment of safety and support, you take the risks necessary for unexpected growth and transformation. I genuinely care about people and supporting them to discover what they want and how they are going to get it.

Be prepared to be challenged and supported and for significant and positive
changes to occur.

Just a few of the outcomes of Selena’s coaching:

More connected & loving to yourself and others.

Greater self-confidence and self-acceptance.

More able to trust you inner voice.

The ability to create more loving relationships.

☼ More energy, passion and fun in your life! ☼

I work with people who are ready to stop settling for mediocre lives, people who truly have the desire and who are willing to do what it takes to have a fulfilling, passionate life full of possibilities!


Client Transformations

“Selena provided me with honest, open and supportive feedback throughout my journey. The impact of this journey on my well-being and general health has been significant. I know this to be true, as others around me at home and at work have noticed a difference! And better yet, I have noticed!” Susan Madu

“Selena Wright literally changed my life. When I first came to her I was feeling adrift and initially looking for a change of career - I ended up getting SO much more out of her extraordinary coaching. Through her skilled use of powerful coaching tools, her innate intuition and her wonderful resources, I have become the person I always was and wanted to be. She was absolutely amazing at helping me to see that I am completely at the helm of my ship. I now believe in myself and my ability to achieve my goals 100%. As a result, today I am a much more positive, fearless, compassionate, HAPPIER human being than I ever dreamed I would be. Thank you Selena – you are a treasure!” Barb Gilroy

“I began working with Selena over 5 years ago primarily on a personal growth basis. I have continued with her coaching and it has continued to help me immensely both in my personal and work life. Selena has played a big part in helping me to be true to myself and to say what is right for me. I have recommended many people to Selena for coaching and I will continue to; she is an awesome resource.” Linda

“Having Selena as a coach was a turning point in my life. After meeting Selena, I have become a new person in the sense that I am actually able to experiment how life could be totally different from what I had written in my “script”. Selena’s coaching approach, honest and straight, helped me to see the true issues driving my actions and led me to a deep inner evaluation of myself. Selena gave me very powerful tools to discover the beautiful and lovable woman that lives inside me. This discovery has allowed me to have a greater appreciation for the people and events that represent day-to-day blessings in my life. After being coached by Selena I have grown as a person improving the most important relationship in my life, which is the one I have with myself.” Rosario Graterol

“Somewhere along the path of life, I stepped off my path, and began to look outside myself - for love, for validation, for acceptance. What Selena helped do for me was show me how far I had gotten off my path - even without realizing it, and guided me back towards home. It was a very powerful experience, and one which I feel gave me MY life back!" S.R.A.

“Selena helped me to understand changes come from within me. She guided Michele and I through a process that allowed our relationship to go to a new level. I became more understanding of my emotions and more accepting of Michele's. Selena is a bright, engaging and warm hearted person who keeps you accountable for your "stuff". If you’re looking to fault or blame others for your lot in life she will help you to understand how you can take control of your life and find success and happiness.” Rob Solinger

“Working with Selena helped me gain a deeper understanding of myself, and helped me take the risks necessary to make positive changes in my life. Her intuitive listening, honest and insightful observations, and supportive style allowed me to move more quickly into "success mode". Through the coaching relationship with Selena, I found the confidence to develop my own business, and I have been successful in maintaining a greater overall sense of balance in my life.” Chris Hammer, Psychologist, Life Coach

I struggled in my relationship, my children, my work and being connected to myself. Selena provides a safe, caring, supportive relationship that allowed me to go deeply, heal old wounds, free up blocked energy that was holding me back, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Through this amazing relationship I have re-connected with myself, I can feel and express what I feel without blaming others. I accept responsibility and choose to use my life's energy to bring passion to everything that I do and to aspire to live life in a bigger way. It has been reflected in all my relationships especially myself. Selena as a coach is compassionate, patient, insightful and determined. She will support you to move any obstacle that is in your way. She holds you to your highest and is an amazing gift to anyone she works with. My life has been forever changed and the bar has been raised for me in my life. What an awesome coach! Gratefully, Sue Rivers


Introduction to Coaching

What do you want? How are you going to get it? What makes you feel happy and fulfilled? How can you have what you want in your life without sacrificing either pleasure or work? What values are important to you? These are questions that we rarely get asked in our daily lives. However, imagine having someone in your life who is there to: 1) help you find the answers to these and other important questions, 2) clarify values, 3) articulate goals, 4) define strategies and plans, 5) hold a vision of you in your full expression and success, and 6) challenge you to achieve that vision. This person is known professionally as a coach.


Coaching is a professional alliance, which empowers both personal and professional success. By entering into a coaching relationship, you and your coach form a powerful alliance where you are both participants of a team that is committed to enhancing your learning and forwarding your progress toward your goals. You get objective feedback and collaborate with someone who has your best interest at heart. Coaching can assist you to see yourself more clearly; to see your life from a new perspective; to inspire you and support you through the self-doubt and the limiting beliefs that show up whenever we choose to, or are forced to, make change happen in our lives.

Coaching is a professional client-centered relationship. As such, you are the primary focus of the coaching relationship. My role as coach is to support you in forwarding the action toward your goals and provide on-going clarity, focus and support during this process.


Coaching is flexible and portable. Clients may live in the local vicinity or they may live thousands of miles away. Distance and desire determine the mutual coach/client preference for coaching by telephone, in-person or both.

The initial agreement is usually for 3 months as this is the amount of time it reasonably takes to make meaningful, permanent changes and progress. This includes 4 half hour phone sessions/month (usually weekly) and unlimited phone consults (brief), emails or faxes. The first session is called an "intake" and typically takes about 2 hours. Responses and reflection on various intake forms form the foundation of coaching.

So, as you can see, coaching is for those individuals and groups who see the value in having a supportive partner to challenge them to stay focused resulting in reduced stress and more time to be creative.

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Experience the power of coaching!

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