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Secrets of the Millionaire Mind:Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth

#1 National Best Seller  By T. Harv Eker

*FREE BONUS with each book - Two tickets to the Millionaire Mind Seminar worth $2590.
In this life-changing book, you will learn how to identify and revise your own money blueprint to dramatically increase your income and accumulate wealth. It reveals the missing link between wanting success and achieving it! 

The Passion Test
By Janet & Chris Attwood

"The Passion Test made an amazing difference in my life. After completing it I was so clear on what I really wanted in my life. Since doing The Passion Test, I now live the life of my dreams and I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to live their life to the fullest, by living and becoming their passions."
 - Rhonda Byrne, Executive Producer and Author of the mega-bestselling movie and book, "The Secret".     

Anger, Boundaries and Safety
By Joann S. Peterson

You will find both information and experiential tools for engaging anger separate from violence. When expressed responsibly, it is possible to claim anger as friend, ally and as a passionate life force energy. This book outlines a series of models and exercises that can help people deal with anger in a clear, responsible, uncontaminated way. 

Taming Your Gremlin
by Richard D. Carson

This is a delightfully, entertaining book that shows how our "gremlin," the negative voice in our head, stops us from getting what we want, having fun and enjoying life. Through the powerful metaphor of the gremlin, you will find ways to identify and banish the self-defeating aspects of your personality. It shows us fun, creative and practical ways to approach getting out of our own way. I recommend it to all my clients.  

In Each Moment
by Paul Lowe

Paul may be the most highly trained spiritual teacher in the western world. I believe that the counsel of one who has explored the far and near reaches of the human psyche so thoroughly, as well as travelled the world as extensively as he has, is most suited as a guide to those on the path of awakening.
Margo Anand - (from the Foreword to In Each Moment)


The Power of Now
by Eckhart Tolle

Our ultimate destiny is to re-connect with our Essential Being and express from our extraordinary, divine reality in the ordinary physical world, moment-by-moment... Eckhart Tolle masterfully opens us to that possibility.
Russ DiCarlo - (from the Foreword to The Power of Now)


The Way of the Superior Man
by David Deida

This book is a guide for a specific kind of newly evolving man. This man is unabashedly masculine - he is purposeful, confident, and directed, living his chosen way of life with deep integrity and humor - and he is sensitive, spontaneous, and spiritually alive with a heart - commitment to discovering and living his deepest truth. (from the Introduction)


Take Time for Your Life
by Cheryl Richardson

This is an inspiring, seven step program to help you create the life you want. Packed with useful exercises, checklists, personal stories, and a wealth of resources, Cheryl's program will show you how to step back, regain control, and make conscious decisions about the future you'd like to create. Take time for your life, and begin living a life that you love.


Co-Active Coaching
by Laura Whitworth, Henry Kimsey-House and Phil Sandahl

This book offers a comprehensive view of the practice of coaching and features instructive coaching examples, professional skill-building exercises, coaching tips and traps, coaching dialogues, and a coach's toolkit containing worksheets, exercises, and forms to use with clients.



The Art of Everyday Ecstacy
by Margot Anand

Expand your definition of ecstasy as Margot shows you how you can awaken ecstatic energy in everyday life to help you live, work, and love more passionately. Filled with exercises, meditations, and rituals, this book shows you how to bring ecstatic energy into the body, mind, and spirit, and to be fully present to others and to life.



The Intimate Couple
by Jack Lee Rosenberg, Ph.D. & Beverly Kitaen-Morse, Ph.D.

Lavishly illustrated with tasteful photographs, filled with body-enlivening exercises, specific techniques for heightening sexual pleasure, and a thorough exploration of the psychological barriers to physical and spiritual intimacy.



CDs / DVDs

What the Bleep Do We Know? Movie

Embark on a life-changing journey with Amanda (Marlee Matlin), a divorced photographer who tumbles down a metaphysical rabbit hole. Her mind-bending voyage through the worlds of science and spirituality includes revelations by quantum physics experts, playful animation, and even a conversation with a wise, 35,000-year-old being. Ultimately, Amanda’s perception of reality is turned inside out and the meaning of life becomes clear. See for yourself why this groundbreaking movie became one of the most compelling and talked about films of the year. DVD 


The Quantum Light Breath
by Jeru Kabbal

The Quantum Light Breath is a highly focused breathing meditation process that greatly accelerates the user's personal transformation by bypassing the conscious mind and releasing old programs directly from the subconscious.



by WilliamCarey duo (Bill Wilton & Carey Parder)

Relaxing to listen to this CD moves from a folk/classical sound into ambient themes, latin flavours and back to quiet fingerstyle compositions. Great easy listening music.
Performed on two handmade classical guitars.

Listen to sound clips at: HummingBird Studios



by WilliamCarey duo (Bill Wilton & Carey Parder)

Freshly improvised and relaxing to listen to this CD provides a warm blend of light classical & jazz guitar.
Performed on two handmade classical guitars Passages  compliments any relaxing/creative environment.

Listen to sound clips at: HummingBird Studios


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